Gateway Foundation Survey Asks Americans, “How Much Do You Drink?”

Gateway Foundation Survey Asks Americans, “How Much Do You Drink?”

To help encourage adults to reflect upon their own drinking habits during Alcohol Awareness Month in April, Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment checked in with American adults about their alcohol consumption. According to Gateway Foundation’s 2012 American Alcohol Consumption Study conducted online in February among 2,265 adults ages 21 and over by Harris Interactive, drinking in America appears to be more of the rule rather than exception. When asked if they ever drink alcohol, a mass majority—or 73 percent—of American adults ages 21 and older confirmed they do drink.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health conducted by the federal government indicates nearly 23 million Americans have already crossed the threshold of needing treatment for alcohol or drug abuse and only 3 million got it. By raising awareness about moderate drinking and the long-term impact of alcohol abuse, Gateway Foundation aims to help people confronted with alcohol or drug abuse issues understand the potential health risks and get the treatment they need to live healthier and more productive lives.

Bearing in mind the USDA moderate drinking guidelines—up to 2 drinks per day for men and up to one drink per day for women—Gateway Foundation’s study answers questions about the frequency and amount of alcohol adults typically drink and identifies some areas of concern.

How Much Do Americans Drink?

To help illustrate the state of current alcohol consumption among Americans, the study asks adults how many drinks they have per drinking occasion. The most popular response at 27 percent is two drinks per occasion, which is within moderate drinking guidelines for men. The flip side, nearly one out of 10 (8 percent) indicated they drink four or five drinks per drinking event.

“Most people can have a couple drinks and be fine; but for some people, drinking alcoholic beverages creates a strong craving for more,” says Gateway Foundation Clinical Director Dr. Phil Welches. “For example, when a person consistently drinks four to five drinks a couple nights a week and experiences blackouts and frequent hangovers, it is possible that a drinking problem is developing.”

To read more survey findings, click here.

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Every year Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment helps thousands of adults and teens get their life back on track and gives renewed hope to those who care about them. With 50 years of treatment experience, our specialists take the time to understand of the specific needs of each individual. We then develop a customized treatment plan with recommendations for the most appropriate care based on an individual's substance abuse and mental health history. As the largest provider of alcohol and drug abuse treatment in Illinois, Gateway has 11 treatment centers throughout the state. Gateway outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment programs are not one-size fits all, but unique treatment plans that give an individual the highest chance for a successful outcome. With insurance acceptance and a track record of success, Gateway Treatment Centers help thousands of individual’s successfully complete treatment each year, and find the hope they need to live again.

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