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Sadly, substance abuse issues are not isolated to those abusing drugs. Loved ones who witness the addiction taking over feel helpless and demoralized. They have questions about what to do, how they are feeling and why their loved ones won’t stop abusing drugs or alcohol. They need support.

Families with loved ones in substance abuse treatment at a St. Louis rehab center are getting much-needed attention. Since Gateway Foundation recognizes the immediate and long-term benefits to individuals in recovery when their families are involved in treatment, the Caseyville center engages families in counseling and substance abuse education programs. Every Saturday afternoon, families gather for family education and group counseling dedicated to drug and alcohol abuse.

“At Gateway Foundation, our family programs let families know they are not alone, validate their feelings and make them aware of other support resources in the community, such as Alanon,” explains Gateway Foundation Substance Abuse Counselor Kevin Bunten, who leads the family group sessions on Saturdays.

Family Programs are part of the St. Louis rehab center’s integrated treatment programs and are designed to answer the questions families have and to help parents, spouses, siblings and significant others learn how to better cope with the substance abuse issues of loved ones in treatment.

“Family members are usually very excited to hear that we have family programs. We also offer individual family therapy sessions for the adults in residential treatment. We have found that the family sessions on Saturday lay the ground work for productive individual family therapy sessions,” explains Gateway Foundation Substance Abuse Counselor Maggie Ketcherside, LCPC.

Individuals in treatment at the St. Louis rehab center are welcome to invite their family members over the course of their treatment to attend the group counseling lead by an experienced Substance Abuse Counselor. During the group sessions, families learn about the misconceptions of addiction and the science of the disease. Family members often want to know more about: unhealthy enabling and co-dependency, setting boundaries and signs of relapse. In addition to learning about substance abuse, families are able to express their feelings in an open and respectful atmosphere.

“We start from the idea put out by Alanon, that is: the family didn’t cause the addiction, they can’t control it and there is no cure for it. Building on that premise frees the families from feeling guilty, helpless and responsible,” says Mr. Bunten. “As a result of guiding families through this process, we hope to ultimately provide a home environment that supports their loved ones’ recovery, not relapse.”

“I can say without a doubt that Gateway’s treatment program has already changed all of our lives. The family classes gave us the tools we need to support our daughter through her recovery.  I don’t know what the future will hold, but I am confident that my daughter now holds the skills and outlook she needs to stay clean. What’s more, she is dealing with some deep issues that were never identified before her stay at Gateway. Words alone cannot adequately express my gratitude to Gateway,” explains a mother that supported her daughter’s recovery by taking advantage of the family program at the St. Louis rehab center.

The St. Louis rehab center also extends family group therapy at no cost to anyone in the community in the evenings, every other Tuesday. For more information, please contact 618-345-3970.



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