Gateway Participates In Drug Abuse Awareness Discussion

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Jim Scarpace, Executive Director of Gateway Foundation Aurora (left) and State Representative Stephanie Kifowit (right).

On Thursday, December 12th,  State Representative Stephanie Kifowit held a panel discussion with the Illinois State Police department and a number of local organizations, including Gateway Treatment Centers. This discussion focused on drug abuse prevention, treatment, and education.

Gateway Foundation’s Jim Scarpace participated in this panel discussion and helped address concerns over increased drug use in the area and the prevalence of new drugs in our neighborhoods.


About Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers
Every year Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment helps thousands of adults and teens get their life back on track and gives renewed hope to those who care about them. With 50 years of treatment experience, our specialists take the time to understand of the specific needs of each individual. We then develop a customized treatment plan with recommendations for the most appropriate care based on an individual's substance abuse and mental health history. As the largest provider of alcohol and drug abuse treatment in Illinois, Gateway has 11 treatment centers throughout the state. Gateway outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment programs are not one-size fits all, but unique treatment plans that give an individual the highest chance for a successful outcome. With insurance acceptance and a track record of success, Gateway Treatment Centers help thousands of individual’s successfully complete treatment each year, and find the hope they need to live again.

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