Lake County TV Special: Gateway Presents the Effects of Marijuana Use

One of the best lectures on Marijuana that I have heard in a long time – mainly because it was clear, concise and objective. It used medical and scientific evidence about this drug. It was so good that I thought the citizens of Lake County should listen to at least parts of it!” – Thomas Rudd, Lake County Coroner

Karen Albert, LCSW and Program Director at Gateway’s Treatment Center in Lake Villa, provides easy to understand insights on marijuana use and abuse for residents throughout Lake County and Northern Illinois:effects of marijuana, gateway treatment centers, drug treatment, lake county, lake county tv

  • The impact of marijuana on the brain; how it leads to addiction;
  • Its hindering effect on attention, memory and learning
  • How marijuana use can cause “failure to launch” in our teens

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Click here to view the segment on marijuana produced by Lake County TV.

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