Marijuana: 1 out of 5 Teens Get into Cars with Stoned Drivers

marijuana-driving, gateway treatment centersA recent study found more high school seniors and college students that drove impaired or with an impaired driver were under the influence of marijuana, not alcohol. But it’s not just dents to your car or points on your license—for some people, drugged driving is how they die.

When you consider that 1 in 3 fatally injury drivers tested positive for drugs in 2009, this means teens who drive stoned put the safety of passengers and other drivers on the road at great risk—just like a driving drunk. The study also found that drugged drivers are more likely to have car accidents and traffic tickets or warnings.

Among high school seniors:

  • 9% drove after drinking alcohol and 12% drove after using marijuana.
  • 15% rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol and 20% rode with a driver who used marijuana.

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