Is Having A Few Drinks After Work A Sign Of Alcohol Abuse?

Meeting colleagues for post-work cocktails every now and again is much different than making it a habit of drinking excessively after work.

Substance abuse not only creates havoc to one’s health, it also can impact job performance. Coworkers are usually among the first to notice a colleague develop a problem because people spend so much time together in the workplace. They may even see an alcohol problem develop before a spouse does.

alcohol abuseHere are some signs and symptoms that drinking after hours is affecting one’s job performance:

  • Late for work, leave early or absent
  • Irritable and impatient with others
  • Poor concentration
  • Frequently hung over at work

“If a person drinks excessively during off-work hours and consistently comes to work hung over, can the boss trust the  work being done throughout the day  is accurate? Individuals with such a pattern are essentially undermining their livelihood and career and may not even realize it until it’s too late,” says Dr. Phil Welches, Clinical Director of Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment.

The good news is help is available if someone is ready to make a positive change.  Outpatient substance abuse treatment programs are offered in the morning, afternoon and evenings. This allows someone to get the treatment they need without interfering with important daily commitments like work or family.  For more information, please call our 24-Hour Helpline at 877-505-HOPE (4673).

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