Thankful for Recovery

gateway treatment centers, thankful for recoveryAs we reflect on our blessings with Thanksgiving Day around the corner, we want to remind people in recovery what sober living means to those around them. Life in recovery is about being present, respectful and accountable. It means you are living a value-based life and managing life’s inevitable challenges in a healthy way.

Following are testimonials from clients and a family member about the amazing impact of recovery from people who came to Gateway Treatment Centers for help:

“In 28 days a miracle hap­pened. I confronted issues I never thought I could deal with as well as learned how special I really am. Thank you Gateway, from me and my children.”


“I have been using all the tools I was given while at Gateway, especially positive self-talk. It is such a good feeling to hear my family, friends, and co-workers say they are proud of me and that they see such a profound change in me. …I owe you, Gateway and all the staff a debt of gratitude, you saved my life. I entered in a state of hopelessness and now I look forward to every new day. You not only gave me my life back, but you gave me the ability to live a good life and be happy in it.”


“After the first 4 days, he said things like this is the first time I laughed in many years; I feel so healthy already; this is the first time I’ve exercised in ages – feels so good, and then just a few weeks ago, I never thought I’d have a family and now I can see it as a real possibility.”

Don’t Wait to Make a Difference.
If you know a family member or friend struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, Gateway Foundation can help. Call 877-505-HOPE (4673).

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