Gateway’s Mindfulness-Based Sobriety Webinars Well-Received

gateway mindfulness webinar, mindfulness-based sobriety

Nick Turner and Phil Welches, co-authors of “Mindfulness-Based Sobriety”

As part of Gateway Foundation’s on-going efforts to enhance knowledge about substance abuse treatment, Gateway’s own Dr. Phil Welches and Nick Turner, MSW recently led two informative CE webinars covering Mindfulness-Based Sobriety.

Consequently, Gateway was able to contribute to the professional development of hundreds of professionals working in the fields of healthcare and behavioral health. Participants shared positive feedback about the CE training, such as:

Several complex ideas were presented effectively and efficiently. I’ve been reading about this stuff for a long time and these concepts usually take a whole lot of pages to get across. Great job!”

“Keeping abreast of the recent trends helps in gaining a clearer understanding of the potential we have to engage the client in an effort to effect positive changes.”

Glad to hear about Gateway using mindfulness.”

Wow, Phil and Nick did a wonderful job! I can’t believe how fast the hour went by.”

“I wish to thank you for the opportunity to hear about Mindfulness Based Sobriety. I practice ACT and am in grounded in behavior therapies so this was very interesting.”

To view a recorded version of the Mindfulness-Based Sobriety webinar and download the presentation, click here. To keep up on industry news and future webinars, sign up for Today’s Resource e-newsletter.

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