A History of Addiction

addictionSheKnows.com asks Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment: Should moms should bury the past and never look back—especially when addiction is in the rearview mirror—or, is there a better course of action?

A unique challenge

Overcoming addiction is a process with no defined end. As a mother works through this process, she faces unique parenting challenges.

“Mothers with a history of addiction may find it hard to act as role models for their adolescent children,” says Tatiana Sporea, substance abuse and family program counselor at Gateway Foundation Chicago West. “Women with younger kids can be emotionally unavailable for their children when they are dealing with mental health issues, trauma, grief or abuse.”

Still, the responsibilities of parenting do not ease just because of a burden we may carry.

To learn ways to contend with a history of addiction, read the entire story at SheKnow.com

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