Effective and Flexible Outpatient Treatment for Alcoholism

In recognition of Alcohol Awareness Month in April, Gateway expert, Stacy Lott shares how outpatient alcoholism treatment can be highly effective.

By: Stacy Lott, PsyD, CADC
Clinical Supervisor Outpatient Programs
Gateway Chicago West

Outpatient Alcohol TreatmentMany people don’t realize they can receive effective alcohol treatment in outpatient drug rehabilitation. The reality is, alcohol is a drug and outpatient therapy is very beneficial for treating the many forms of alcoholism.

Outpatient drug rehab is a flexible option for people who are unable to commit to a residential program. Many have jobs from which they cannot take time away or have children they must care for.

In addition to flexibility, outpatient treatment enables people to come in, learn new skills, and immediately utilize them in the real world. People can see what works and doesn’t, come back in, process that and build upon it.

Gateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers’ outpatient drug rehab program utilizes evidenced-based treatment, which has been shown through research to be the most effective. More than a support group, our program helps participants build the most effective coping skills….Read More>

Visit RecoverGateway.org/Alcohol to learn more about Gateway’s Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment programs.

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