What to Expect in Substance Abuse Treatment

substance abuse treatmentWith a reputation for clinical expertise, and unwavering compassion and care, Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment‘s team of licensed substance abuse professionals and addiction counselors will provide the guidance and support necessary for lasting recovery. Starting with your first consultation our dedicated staff will ensure your substance abuse treatment experience is always personalized and focused on helping you or your loved one reclaim a productive, healthy life.

The First Step: Free In-Depth Consultation

Gateway provides free in-depth consultations to help determine the severity of substance use and identify the appropriate level of treatment. Each individual will have different needs based on their unique history and current substance use. This confidential consultation will help you and your loved one better understand options and next steps.

Assessment: Personalized Treatment Options

The next step is an in-depth assessment which may include establishing a health history by our nursing staff and a physician review. The assessment will confirm what level of treatment is recommended such as Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Day Treatment, Residential Treatment and Aftercare. It will also determine what therapies and counseling an individual needs to give them the most effective tools for developing a sober lifestyle.

Counseling and therapy will vary based on the needs of an individual. Gateway‘s programs are developed using an evidence-based treatment model, through which our goal is to not just stop a client’s substance abuse, but to replace dangerous behaviors with new, healthier tools and coping mechanisms. Understanding what lies beneath the addictive behavior gives each individual the best possible chance of success in the treatment process and at long-term recovery.

Counseling, Therapies and Activities May Include:

  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Substance Abuse Education
  •  12-Step Facilitation and 12-Step Recovery
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Dual Diagnosed/Co-Occurring Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Therapies to explore and manage emotions in a positive way, including: art therapy, music therapy, guided imagery and journaling
  • Physical fitness activities to build strong bodies, minds and a sense of teamwork. Activities may include yoga, Pilates or recreation such as basketball, softball or volleyball

Because each person, program and Gateway Treatment Center has its unique characteristics, the counseling, therapies and activities an individual receives will be unique as well.

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